Thank you to all who have entered, below is the leaderboard as of 19th February and will be updated as and when new points are scored. Points can be scored until 31st May 2019.

Standings as of 27 March 2019
Nick Thompson 110
Nicole Crocker 93
Gavin Wilson 92
Rod Bell 91
Judy Gleeson 90
Colin Favre 85
Rebecca Jamison-Jones 75
Deidre Large 75
Neil Farley 73
Josh Mackay 73
Anthony Gwynne 73
Annie Alexander 73
Lachlan McKenzie 73
Troy Janssens 71
Jeremy Johnson 68
Paul Mullen 68
Di Hose 68
Rob&Maureen McBryde 63
Brett Almond 61
Patrick Clifford 60
Jarrod Smith 60
Stephen McLean 60
Maureen Plews 60
Deb Redman 58
Pat Kenna 58
Dennis Foley 58
Sandy Favre 56
Greg Lorkin 56
Gary Jones 56
Steven Johannessen 56
Denise Thompson 55
Jemma Cox 55
Bernie Kenna 55
Chloe Lee-Keys 55
Greg Baker 53
Tim Davies 53
Johnny McKeever 53
Olivia Blane 53
Tim Walsh 53
Andy Hamilton 51
Lachlan Moore 50
Glenn Wright 50
Rick Bow 48
Anne Tester 48
Greg Welsh 48
Fiona Wilson 45
Hannah Brewis 45
Shelly Murtagh 43
Tom Murtagh 43
Craig Douglas 43
Paul Foley 43
Emily Hopkins 43
Sean Duggan 41
Andrew Cust 38
Archie Alexander 38
Rick Wells 38
Courtney Stevens 38
Shane Dycer 36
Peter Morganti 33
Brett McGuirk 33
Leo Mete 30
Di Faulkner 28
Bradley Reggars 28
Eoin Kelly 28
John Knowles 25
Alana Kelly 25
Luke Mattsson  24
Peter Bartlett 23
Scott Evans 20
Tom Duggan 20
Caitrin Kelly 18
Daniel Spicer 18
Nathan Bennett 18
Melissa Bartlett 18
Sheree Rennie 15
Timothy Ivermee 13
Jake Millar 13
Jeffrey Bowles 13
John Millar 10
Lisa Dillon 10
Peter Gallivan 8
Marie Muldoon 0



    Pick 6 Competition

    Select your top 6 horses trained by Archie Alexander (from the list below) to follow for the season. Points will be awarded for top 3 placings and the top point scorers on 31st May 2019 will win a share of the accumulated entry fees. (1st = 50%, 2nd = 25%, 3rd = 15%, 4th = 10%)


    Competition runs from 15th of August 2018 to 31st of May 2019.


    Entry fee: $10


    Points will be awarded as follows:

      Non Black Type  Listed Group 3  Group 2  Group 1 


    20pts 30pts 40pts 50pts


    10pts 15pts 20pts 25pts


    6pts 9pts 12pts 15pts



    Submit your entries to Stephen McLean via email stephen@alexanderracing.com.au before 12pm August 15th.

    Payment of entry fee via EFT to Alexander Racing BSB: 083532 ac: 248590681. Please use name and ‘pick 6’ as payment reference.

    Of your 6 horses:

    • One must be a 2yo
    • Two must be 3yo (one of these must be unraced).
    • Three picks can be any horse.




    (br. c.)Can’t Take A Trick(So You Think (NZ)xAliyana (NZ))
    (ch. f.) Rouge Renarde (Nicconi x French Valour)
    (ch. f.) Urgent (Wandjina x Quick Notice (USA))
    (b. c.) All Too Hard x Alluring Belle
    (b. f.) Americain x High Tea
    (b. c.) Epaulette x Bella Vie
    (b. f.) Hinchinbrook x North Pole Dancer
    (b. f.) Hinchinbrook x Silent Eyes
    (b. f.) Ocean Park (NZ) x Striker (NZ)
    (b. f) Pierro x Amish
    (br. c.) Redwood (GB) x Ella Maree
    (br. f.) Shamus Award x Tonza Rossa
    (b. f.) Starspangledbanner x Cumulonimbus
    (b. f.) Star Witness x Bring the Girl
    (b. f.) Tapit (USA) x Inventive (USA)
    (b. f.) Testa Rossa x Mary of Modena

    (b. f.) Wandjina x Heavens Touch
    (ch. f.)Written Tycoon x Delegance
    (b. f.) Zoffany (IRE) x Coralina
    (b. f.) Zoustar x Ancelin (IRE)
    (b. f.)Zoustar x Miss Singo


    Absolut Artie (unraced)
    Convict Sam (unraced)
    Fashion Stock (NZ)
    Greyazz (unraced)
    Mazy Motion
    Miss Hellbender
    Nord Avenir (unraced)
    Romaiya (unraced)
    Steam Roller
    Stryker Star (unraced)
    Swiss Hero
    Tigre Royale (NZ) (unraced)
    Tom’s Knight (unraced)
    Veloucher (unraced)
    Wild Breeze (unraced)
    Write Your Name (unraced)

    (b. f.) Per Incanto (USA) x Kincia (NZ) (unraced)
    (ch. f.) Helmet x Gold Digger Miss (USA) (unraced)
    (b. g.) I Am Invincible x Prinny’s Girl (unraced)
    (br/bl. f.) Street Boss (USA) x Royal Indi (unraced)                                                                                                         



    Blanco Cara
    Buena Veloz
    Calliandra Girl
    El Rada
    Fastnet Latina
    Go Ferrando
    Lord Fandango
    Man Alive
    Mazy Motion
    Mia Georgia

    Mosh Music
    Onehundred Percent
    Prinz Hlodowig
    Rocky Road
    San Remo
    So Far Sokool
    Spanner Head
    Supreme Harmony
    Wanna Be Good
    Wee Gilly
    Wheal Leisure